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Sept 26, 1993 - Sept. 27, 2001

In Loving Memory of Farley Taylor-Smith
Beloved Member of the Smith FurGang of All My Kitties

(the photo above was taken just weeks before his sudden death)

Farley was the strong and silent type, he rarely spoke or complained, and he hid his illness well.  I wish he'd told me somehow, because I could have saved him, but instead, he suffered in silence....then so quickly he left us, never muttering a sound  until just before he took his final breath.  As stoic in death as he was in life, my handsome boy, so brave and so strong.  I'll miss him very much.  

Farley's death was due in part because I failed to recognize the early signs of the liver disease that took his life on the very day after his eighth birthday.  Liver disease can be treatable if caught early enough.  I think I owe it to Farley to tell his story in hopes that it may help someone else to recognize the signs of this disease before it's too late.

Farley is survived by his human Mom, and his fur brothers and fur sisters Andy, Whiskey, Shelby, Ross, Rachael, Wilson, Aretha, Tulip, Jasmine, and Wingate, and his late fur brother Angel Gem.  I prayed that Farley's passage was a safe one, and that my Angel Gem was there to lend a helping paw to his brother as he crossed the bridge to Kitty Heaven. 

Again, our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
the chain will link again.

(Farley and I thank Nancy and sweet angel "Bo" for this special gift)

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NOTE:  Watch for a lot more info coming to this website on Feline Liver Disease Awareness, and for a banner you can place on your own website linking to the information we are gathering.  My Farley didn't have to lose his life......we should all be aware of this disease and it's symptoms.

Thanks for coming, and.......Please, come back soon!


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